About Brown Integrative

Dr. William J Brown, M.D., PLLC
Brown Integrative Health

Dr. William Brown focuses on nutrition and regenerative medicine. Many of his patients have leaky gut syndrome and suffer from autoimmune diseases. He is a certified fellow of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy which allows him to do Prolozone injections for painful joint, neck and back pain. He also does Biophotonic (ultraviolet) and ozone blood infusions for a wide variety of acute and chronic health conditions. IV nutritional therapy with Myers Cocktail and high dose Vitamin C is also done in his practice. Dr. Brown is also certified in the use of the Thor Low Level Cold Laser for acute and chronic pain and a Certified Physician for the distribution of Sovereign Lab Colostrum products.

Dr. Michael T Brown, PhD, PLLC
Brown Integrative Wellness

Dr. Michael T Brown has a PhD in Health Psychology and Clinical Psychology. His practice focuses on Micro-Current Neurofeedback therapy as well as health and wellness consulting. Micro-Current Neurofeedback is used to treat a variety of conditions such as: PTSD, anxiety, sleep disorders, migraine headaches, Autism, ADD, ADHD, OCD, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, test anxiety and many other disorders.

Dr. Julia Roberts APRN, FNP-C
Family Nurse Practitioner

Julia Roberts is a family nurse practitioner caring for patients with specialized training in allergy and immunology, and bio-identical hormone therapy. With the use of Evidenced based practice medicine and a caring nature, Ms. Roberts is passionate about helping patients feel better and partnering with them to reach a better state of health. She gets to the art of healing by taking an individualized approach in treating the whole person. Ms. Roberts’ goal is to work with clients in learning how to reach their optimal health goals and empower people to maintain them.

She has a special interest in wellness and preventative care and helping patients adopt a healthier lifestyle. She strives to continue to learn new data and medical information, including getting to know her patients, as well as educating so she can help be part of their healthcare solution.

My journey in healthcare realm began in 1989. I practiced in Neonatal and Neurological ICU and general care. As my knowledge in healthcare grew I realized that I wanted to be able to do more for my patients. After going through the school of life, I became a nurse where I learned the importance of holistic care. Still I was not satisfied with the level of influence I had on my patients lives, I saw where techniques and patterns of health/lifestyle change would make a difference but was unable to implement them in the hospital or primary care setting. I knew becoming a nurse practitioner would be the only way to truly impact the needs and health status of my patients. After NP school, I was able practice health care in the allergy/immunology & family setting where I gained the understanding of how imperative it was to apply the integrative model of health care to my patients to make a substantial impact on their well being.

Previously educated on Bio-identical hormone therapy by one of the nations leading educators,

I came to understand hormone replacement therapy is a keystone in maintaining optimal health and wellness. The Bredeson Protocol is another path of education I embarked upon in 2018. Knowing the implications our internal and external environments play a notable role how cognitive function can be improved and inflammation can be mitigated to optimize ones quality of life.

Hormone therapy is one of the cornerstones of the Bredeson protocol in addressing dementia and Alzheimer Disease.

Having a love for beauty and knowing the importance of loving ones-self, I began to investigate Botox, Dysport, and fillers. I see the beauty in every individual understand the importance of prevention and caring for our skin.

Interests - I have always lead an active lifestyle. My first love was horse riding and ranching. I have reveled swimming, snorkeling, nature, hiking, and biking with our children and friends for as long as I can remember. I then began running after I turned 40. Once I met my husband, he introduced me to the world of triathlons that pulled it all together for me. He showed me how to really live and appreciate life and the abilities we have. We have five children ages 11-24. My family is more valuable to me than anything which is most likely why I ended up in here.